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The client is a leading internet company in online sales, with operations in several countries throughout the Latin American region, has NetSuite to track and control its back-office tasks. They offer more than four million of products.

Business Challenges

Payment process was configured with batch or batch process features in NetSuite, in which a text file was getting generated away from a list of each entry that was previously selected by the key user for processing. This selection process is preceded by an approval flow out of ERP that allows to keep the areas involved informed. Each record represents thesource for a transaction and is sorted and formatted based on a preset template or layout, which the bank requests in order to process this information.

Solutions we provided

Configuration of Vendor Master: Vendor Master is to be maintained with both local & foreign currencies. A list of value field is to be incorporated in the vendor master page as Primary Account and Secondary Account,to determine the primary currency as per the users’ requirement.

Automation of Batch Payment: A custom payment batch page was created and is capable of calling Vendor Bills based on the filters provided by the users to create payment batch. It can call upto 3000 lines of data for batch creation at once.

Approval mechanism: Client’s requirement is to have appropriate layers (depending on the amount) of payment approval process in Netsuite. The system will determine the level of the transaction based on the total batch amount of the payment and send the data to the approvers of the corresponding levels.

Reflection of Bank Balance: Bank account wise Balance to be stored in NetSuite in the form of NetSuite Bank Details Report, which will have reflection of the current bank balance. This feature will be available for Client’s prefered bank only.

Connectivity Through APIs: 

  • API AUTENTICATION: Authentication services through API are a set of functions to validate the identity of our clients and ensure that they can obtain the predefined services for their consumption.
  • PAYMENT INITIATION: This service allows you to initiate new payments by accommodating different data attributes for all the available payment methods.. After the initial API request call, user receive a response that denotes whether the payment has passed the basic validations.
  • PAYMENT STATUS INQUIRY: This service allows you to access the status of your payments where it generates payment details with status of the payment transaction.
  • PAYMENT STATUS REPORT: The Push Notification API service will send the payment status notifications to the end user automatically whenever the payment status has changed.
  • BALANCE INQUIRY: This service allows customers to access their payment balances.
  • ACCOUNT STATEMENT INQUIRY: This service allows you to retrieve your payment account statements.
  • ACCOUNT STATEMENT RETRIEVAL: This service allows you to generate an account statement.
  • API PUSH NOTIFICATION: The Push Notification API service will send the payment status notifications to the end user automatically whenever the payment status has changed.
  • API for Foreign Curreny Payment: The API application, asynchronously augments the incoming data, enriches it and finally sends the payment to the payment processing system. The API receives intermediate processing statuses from the payment processing systems until the payment is completely processed.

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