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Businesses today are striving to optimize resources and improve the overall business efficiency. To achieve all of this, technology serves as a key enabler. Modern ERP solutions and applications help in enhancing process association, implementing smarter solutions to ensure more productivity and to reduce loss, and identifying gaps in the demand-production-supply cycle. It would help to ensure that businesses deliver faster, better quality products, while also ensuring adherence to regulatory norms. Conacent provides ERP solutions that can empower businesses to redefine profitability and raise the bar of efficiency and productivity. We have experience of providing Manufacturing solutions in segments like
1. Foundry,
2. Steel,
3. Industrial Paints,
4. Mining,
5. Oil & Gas,
6. FMCG, Power,
7. Ceramics,
8. Animal Husbandry and Feed,
9. Tea (Including Auction and Blending)
10. Electrical Appliance (Meter)
11. Railway Equipments and Others.

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